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By Rimheden in The Anomaly

This is a site dedicated to publishing news and information about the mysterious object(s) found in the Baltic Sea, founded by followers of the OceanX Facebook group. The idea is to keep things focused and to the point, making it easier for us all to keep up to date with the riddle that is unfolding, so no off topic posts about UFO sightings or other mysterious objects around the world will be published here.

The site is not in any way affiliated with the OceanX team. It is not a commercial entity of any kind and is not tied to any organisation. It’s just a free, open community for everone who is dying to find out the truth.

No donations or payments will be asked for here. If you want to support the divers, please contact them directly. They are looking for sponsors for their expeditions to the anomaly.

A special thanks goes to Laura Funke who came up with this idea in the first place!